Developers Partnership Program

This Partnership Program only for Experienced Developers


Check Skills Software house introduces a next-level partnership program for developers. You don’t need to come to the office, you can work from your home according to your time. We did many international projects and we know the requirements of International people for different projects and which is very popular and not available on Envato Market. We also did some market analysis. So now, We are going to develop some generic softwares (web, android, ios), which we will upload on Envato Market(World’s largest developer marketplace) and some other marketplace.
We believe that we can get many sales of our products which we will develop and upload on different Online Developers Market places because we are going to make unique and best products.

This Partnership program only for experienced developers.
We will take proper interview according to the selected partner niche for our final selection.


If our product will hit and get sales of more than 1,000 in 5 months then it means

1000*60 = 60,000USD 

Approximate to 70 Lac Rupee after tax deduction

60$ will be the price of our product

Average sale of every good product on Envato store is 400 almost with in 3 months

So, Even in worse condition we can get 35lac RS after-tax deduction in 3 months. 

That’s a Pure Business, Only Intelligent People can understand it. 
This Business 10 times better than your monthly job. Just invest your part time and make your long term assets.

Partnership Developers

We need a proper 14 members team in Batch 1 for this business and we mentioned the complete details of the developer which we need as a partnership.

Laravel Programmers

Need 4 Laravel  Programmers
1 Laravel Developer For API Development and He/she also made user guide documentation like which API is used for which purpose and what will we get a response to it. (We guide you on how to make proper API documentation).

3 Laravel Developers For Project Coding, which made the proper website (Frontend as well as back end and also made the user guide documentation like installation of the project, Use of Admin, user, and other role Functionality

Must have knowledge of these things
Integrate Social Media Login
Integrate Payment Methods
Integrate Third-Party Plugin and Libraries.

Android Developers

Need 1 Native Android Developer.
He/she must have the knowledge of these things
Firebase integration
One Signal Integration
Google Maps Integration
Payment Methods integration like Paypal, stripe
API’s handling
Good in debugging like if we provide UI/UX of android then he/she must have the ability to use UI/UX of android.
He/she must have the ability to change, edit the existing project of other developer app.
We provide the UI kit and after that its on the android Developer to make the proper app according to the requirements.

IOS Developer

Need 1 Native IOS developer
Requirements are same which we mentioned for android Developer

Flutter Developer

Need 3 Flutter developers.
Requirements are same which we mentioned for Android Developer

Social Media Handler

We need 1 active social media handler
He/she will share our product daily on different Social media account in different groups and pages
He/she must need to give at least two to three hours of each working day (Mon to Fri).


Documentation Maker For the Project

We need 1 person to make proper documentation of every project.
He/She must have knowledge of Programming Language.
He/She is responsible for providing the proper documantation file to developers for making the project
He/she define the tables, attributes, etc
He/she is responsible for the complete flow of the project
He/she is also the project handler
He/She will handle the team and assign new tasks

Graphic Designer

Need 1 graphic Designer
Make Graphics for the project to upload on the portal
He is responsible for Logos, Posters and banners of the project

Tester and Quality Assurance

Need 1 Tester for testing our product and quality assurance
He/she must have the knowledge of Programming
He/she is completely responsible of test the complete application like test the forms either its working fine or not
He need to test with each users
He need to test the mobile applications e.t.c.

Video Maker

Need 1 video maker
He/she must have the knowledge of Programming
He/she is responsible for making tutorials of how to use the project
He is responsible for uploading the videos, edit the video and make it little bit attractive
Add water mark on it etc.

Partnership Payment Policy For Our Team

Our project will be made by almost

  • Laravel Developer
  • Android/Flutter/IOS Developer
  • API Developer
  • Social Media Handler
  • Documentation Maker
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Maker
  • Tester

The percentage per sale will be like this
Documentation Maker 15% (Because he is responsible for the complete project and its documantation)

Laravel Developer 35%(because he is the one, who will design and develop the system and give support to users)

API Developer 10%(because he made API for the whole system and its documantation)

Tester 10% (because he need to test the whole system and identify mistakes in the system and tell the project developer)

Social Media Handler 8%
(Because he is bound to give 2 hours daily of working days to share posts)

Graphic Designer 6% (because he just needs to create stuff one time only for each product like every project have one logo etc, the workload is less so percentage is less)

Video Maker 6% ( he just need to make a video one time and that’s it, the work load is less as compared to others)

Software Company 10% Commission ( he is responsible for dealing the complete team, guide the right path, product hunting like which product is need of the customer, gather information, etc, making raw documents )

Note that no percentage will be given to that developer who did not work on project

Now Let's Talk in Numbers

Let us, we list our product of 60$
And this product will get 300 sales in two months
300 * 60 =15,000USD
35% overall tax to withdraw + services fee on Envato Store then after tax
Remaining amount will be 9,750$ = approx RS15lac +

Two Months Income Estimate

Documenter 15% ( 225,000Rs)
Laravel/Android/Flutter Developer 35% (525,000Rs)
Api Developer 10% (150,000RS)
Tester 10% (150,000Rs)
Social Media Handler 8% (120,000RS)
Graphic Designer 6% (90,000Rs)
Video Maker 6% (90,000RS)
Software Company 10% (150,000RS)

That’s the just estimate figures
Our some products can hit maybe 12,000+
Or can be 100 only
But it will never happen that our product will get no sale, the average sales is 300 per product

So now you can imagine the figures from one product

Let’s suppose we release 10 products
And the sales will increase day by day

And every product get at least 300 sale
So now calculate the figure by yourself

The scope is good, now just need a proper team who will work on the projects. Start your own business for the long term. That’s the automated Business, Invest your time one time and get the benefit for a lifetime.


The Developer has no rights to sell the product separately

He/She Must sign the NDA For Company Privacy and Security

The Developer can add the project in his portfolio

The Developer will get the commission till the product exist in the store

The product is a long term asset for the Developer

If the Developer sold the original source code of the project without the company’s permission then Company can take legal action against him and he can suffer from a heavy fine or jail.

The developer did not release the company confidential details like hosting passwords and project documantation etc

If a company find any Developer guilty then the company can take legal action against the developer and the Developer can suffer from a heavy fine or jail

Any partner is not bound to the company, he can leave the company any time by his own will, but if he/she already involved in the project then he must need to complete the project before leaving.

Every partner have no right to any product, the company have all rights to that product

The company is responsible for maintaining the quality of the product, if any developer does not work in the right way and don’t meet the product quality and busy in his daily routine and stuff during the assigned task, and not showing any output then the company can kick out the Developer after two warnings.

If the company kick out any person, and that person helps in any product till its completion then the company will pay him/her his percentage from his product selling for the next 6 months

For any partner who wants to leave the company by his/her own will, the company will give them the next 1-year sales percentage from their products in which they helped the company till its completion.

For loyal and dedicated partners company can give a bonus, tours and special gifts to them

The quality of the product decided by the clients who will buy the project, so their rating will decide the quality of the products

Every partner will get their payments in the first 5 days of every month according to their partnership percentage

Every developer has the proper rights to get the sale report of their product in which he worked and participate.

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