Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The word SEO is familiar to many and has been investigated for that purpose. The reason for the research is also clear that having a website designed professionally is not enough to succeed. Finding a site in Google search results is what all sites are looking for. SEO is a new technology that you can earn by earning too much without spending too much. But it’s not easy to achieve high incomes, although it may not be cost-effective, it’s time-consuming, so time itself costs.

Although most people with a site are quite familiar with the word and concept of SEO, there are people who only have a professional design and do not think about the site SEO.

Although you are probably familiar with the concept of SEO, with the design of the SpinSpace website, we also have a look at the SEO concept and get acquainted with some of the more detailed issues of SEO.

First of all, SEO is the word search engine optimization word that can be translated into Persian by the search engine optimization. In fact, you can say that your site and your pages are popular sites on Google. What words you want to be popular in search of depends on the context of the company

Sometimes the keywords of a company may be harder than the company’s other keyword and require more work and time, for example, the word design of the site is a component of the hard words in Google search.

I mean the word difficulty is the amount of competition that is being made on that word by various sites. The more sites you work on a particular keyword, the more difficult your word will be.

SEO is much more important for websites. Let’s assume that you have set up a store that is specially designed for professional products and products and designed in large European stores, but you have launched a store in the desert of Iran, which only a few years The tourist or tourist bar arrives at the store where it is not certain to buy or not!

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How does SEO now help you?

With your site, you have moved your store from the desert to the city center, which has more than a thousand visitors and customers every day.

So you can not go through the SEO easily, because as much as you design and design, your store will not be of any benefit to you when you are not in the right place.

Of course, you should never forget the point that you let yourself be hands-on and just with the above, you probably have to shop for a few months without any profit! Site optimization is a time-consuming task and you have to work alongside it to attract your customers.

Attracting a customer after the launch of a website comes back to the digital marketing and marketing issue that is required for every startup. As you grow strong in the field of marketing and you can turn the name of a store or company into a brand, you increase your daily visitors, which, along with your daily increase, will make you sell more and, at the same time, get better SEO!

In the following, I will try to explain a series of terms used in the SEO to get to know more about the concepts and terms used in SEO:

In the SEO, there are terms with the name of a black hat, a gray hat, and a white hat, which we should better get to know each other.

What is a black hat?

In fact, as the name suggests, SEO is a way for SEOers to try to circumvent Google and become the top sites in unusual and unconventional ways.

If you SEO work just something you’ll probably be using the old method of SEO black or does not go up or get out quickly if you get a penalty.

Knowing this Google is a serious enemy of SEO search engine hackers and as far as it can fight. The penalties that are considered for the hat are so heavy that it’s nothing? The usual nightmares are considered by the craftsmen.

The fact that there are still black hat methods are those who bring up the sites with these methods, but remember that these methods may permanently delete you from Google!

What is SEO white hat

I can say that the white hat is the safest and most durable way of SEO, which says that you are completely natural and professional looking for SEO right to a good rating, which makes it hard to downsize you.

But this should not be forgotten that the white hat method is a method that is often considered impossible when it comes to the difficult keyword. You will never be able to find Google’s early results in the keyword design of the site, only by producing strong content

In words that are very competitive, the only method of white hat is not responsive! That’s why most professional professionals go to the gray hat.

What is a gray hat?

Maybe it’s a mistake to say this, but it’s a fact that today, those who work in Iran or in the world who are very professional in this field, they use the SEO method.

I can give you an example: Buying backlinks has been rejected by Google and has announced that sites that carry ads will be penalized. So let’s consider all professional SEO professionals using the black hat!

For Google, any link that is not created naturally is not right and should be addressed. But you should consider that there are fewer websites that want to link you naturally and free of charge even if you have a strong and good content. That’s why SEOs use backtesting links, which in fact are such a gray hat.

Very often, SEO experts believe they do not use the white hat method for site SEO, but this is not the case. Sometimes, like the one described above, you do not try to bypass Google, but what Google does say is negative, it’s sometimes announced that you’re doing a gray hat.

Maybe I want to make it clearer. Professional craftsmen never use a 100% black hat or full white hat, and they usually try to get Google and keep their site high!


It is true that more visits to the day can help your site. SEO factors are too high. One of these factors is the number of people entering the site and how much they stay on the site. The next factor is the branding of the site that people search for in your Google searches to reach your site, which Google is very concerned about today.

I think your mind is about to improve on SEO! This is to assume that the site’s SEO only goes back to backlinks and internal tags are one of the mistakes of site owners, especially the owners of online stores!

A prominent example of a successful SEO DJ is that along with the SEO site to other sections of SEO and advertising so that now the name of this store is completely familiar to all people!

You need to learn to turn your customers and visitors into real and lifelike customers with professional SEO.

One of the ways that are used today on various sites is the use of professional SEO landscapes that can be found in Google search and your customers to the target site.

But how this page should be designed and what the principles of SEO should bring with it is also one of the important issues.

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