Search Engine Marketing

 An abbreviation for Search Engine Marketing, which means marketing with search engines. The SEM is said to boost site visibility and boost sales through search engines. SEM is the ultimate goal of increased sales.  The most important SEM cases are:  Choosing suitable keywords  Reviewing the status of competitors  Advertisements on other sites  Analysis of statistics  Changes in the structure of the website

Differences between SEO and SEM

 One of the most important examples of SEM advertising is on Google itself. The speed of  designing the top SEM site and the impressive results are of a kind to which rapid progress is being made, but its cost is high and its effectiveness is short-lived. If SEO requires more patience and more time, then the effectiveness is more urgent. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s always the first time that a wireless device, that is, for an SEM, is required to provide the appropriate preconfigured premise of the SEO principles . has been.


 Social network optimization was first introduced in 2006 and rarely has any new meanings since then, with the advent of social networking. But as mentioned in Wikipedia, the SMO can be defined as follows: Optimizing social networks is similar to search engine optimization, which aims to increase traffic and awareness about a specific site design. In general, the creation of social networks, optimizing the site and its content in the field of sharing in social networks SMO: More to the quality of the content, the author’s credibility and user experience in relation to the content and the author. Specifically, all of these SMO features can have a great impact on the design of the site.    

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