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Affiliate Manager: TheBigBot Add-On

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The

Comment Reply Enhancers : TheBigBot Add-On

Very powerful TheBigBot addon that enhances comment growth features in many ways and adds many new features. This addon includes :

E-Commerce Digital Product : TheBigBot Add-On

Features Ability to create digital product store Upload digital product files Take online payment Buyers can download ordered digital product

E-Commerce Product Price Variation : TheBigBot Add-On

TheBigBot has recently introduced an add on called ‘E-commerce Product Price Variation’. This add-on will work for ‘E-commerce in messenger’.

E-Commerce Related Products (Featured ,Up/Down/Cross Sell) : TheBigBot Add-On

  Features Display featured products in store front Manage mutiple related products Manage mutiple related productst

Email & SMS Sequence Campaigner : TheBigBot Add-On

With this TheBigBot add-on, you will be able to create email, SMS drip or sequence campaign for page’s Messenger subscribers those

Email/Phone Opt-In Form Builder : TheBigBot Add-On

Email/Phone Opt-in Form Builder add-on will allow you to build an Opt-in Form with Drag & Drop form builder facilities.

FB Video Caster Live – Go Live With Pre-Recorded Video On Facebook – TheBigBot Add-On

FB Video Caster Live: A TheBigBot add-on is Facebook Live Video streaming tool which allows you to go live in Facebook (Page/Group)

GMB – Google My Business Management Made Easy :TheBigBot Add-On

GMB – A TheBigBot Add-on, the most powerful web application, can promote your business in accordance with Google. GMB simplifies

Group Posting Tools : TheBigBot Add-On

This add-on will enable posting to Facebook groups. Please remember that, you can only post to groups you have admin